The impossible is simply what hasn’t been achieved yet. Cognitive Synergy Corporation's research and development program is focused on what’s next. We discover, identify and evaluate investigational compounds that show potential to advance the treatment of life-threatening neurodegerative diseases.

Integrated Drug Discovery

01.Development and optimization

Development and optimization phases during the drug life cycle are crucial. Our multidisciplinary teams work together to ensure that biological data are generated and intelligently used in the design process and that compounds are synthesized efficiently, using the best industry practices. Our team consist of industry experts with a thorough understanding of the process and long-standing expertise in the field, complemented with appreciation of the latest trends in analytical and bioanalytical chemistry.

For many of our new medicinal product, mixture of different active ingredients, we have developed new analytical and bioanalytical methods as there is no efficient method for purity determination or assay. For method development we use either HPLC or UHPLC-MS or ICP-MS. For UHPLC-MS samples we use the Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC with a Thermo Orbitrap Elite Mass Spectrometer, with Xcalibur Software. ICP-MS analysis is performed on a Thermo Scientific iCAP RQ ICP-MS, with a Qtegra software package. And semi-prep HPLC analysis is done on a Thermo Ultimate 3000 2D-UHPLC System, with a DAD detector running Chromeleon Software.

02. In Vitro / In Vivo Pharmacology

Cognitive Synergy Corporation’s research program covers all drug discovery studies from target validation through to preclinical candidate selection. We take a compound/protein-to cell approach for the development of pharmacologically active compounds.

Our in vitro pharmacology activities commence from the customized production of compound/protein for use as screening compound/protein to probe compound interaction in a panel of biochemical and biophysical methods, also in a high-throughput screening mode. Using cell-based assays including Primary cultures we perform small molecule activity analysis. These cell-based assays can also be run in a high-throughput screening mode for hit finding. 

Secondary screening for pharmacological evaluation of compound characteristics is part of our Integrated Drug Discovery expertise. Mode of action, biomarkers, target engagement studies are provided for hit characterization, and for lead finding and optimization.

Multiple readouts are performed from classical fluorescence, interference (TR-FRET) or biochemical-based up to bioluminescence gene reporter assays or Alpha-Lisa technology, from medium throughput to HTS, depending on the scalability of the assays. In vivo evaluations are performed through core value collaboration during the lead optimization and prior to preclinical development candidate selection. We analyze tissue samples, generate and interpret PK parameters or drug and biomarker concentration for pharmacodynamic studies in many disease areas of the CNS.

03. How we operate

Cognitive Synergy Corporation is dedicated to developing innovative medicines for life-threatening illnesses. As we pursue this goal, we strive for positive social and environmental change within and outside our company. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is built to focus on patients, society, the planet and our business practices.

Cognitive Synergy Corporation’s management approach is designed to create a sustainable future that reflects our integrity and commitment to excellence. Year after year, our stakeholders work to evaluate the effectiveness of our management approach. They identify strengths and opportunities that become guideposts as we reach for new breakthroughs and look at what’s next.

Who We Are


The Cognitive Synergy Corporation’s Leadership Team and Board of Directors provide the necessary guidance to execute our mission and realize our vision.


To create a better, healthier world for all people.


To discover, develop and deliver innovative therapeutics for people with life-threatening neurodegerative diseases.